3 Tips to Starting Your Own Creative Career

“Fear stunts growth”

I told myself this mantra for years. 

Pursuing any new path in life undoubtedly comes with a level of fear.

A little About Me

I started my own creative journey about 4 years ago to date. I was always intrigued with photography but wasn’t sure how I would branch off into it. 

One day a dear friend of mine gave me the push I needed to purchase my first camera! I had ZERO skills or knowledge of the craft from both a technical and creative standpoint; to some degree I still really don’t. 

However, lack of skills or resources should not hold you back from pursuing whatever field you plan to venture into, creative work or not. 

The greatest mistake you will ever make in life is not betting on yourself.

Tip #1

Decide on your creative career path.

There are a plethora of options available that you can explore as a hobby or a full on career.

Indeed.com released this article titled ”12 Interesting Careers for Creative People | Indeed.com” about different creative careers you can pursue. 

Tip #2

Be open to learning new things

If you need a push, here’s a link to a White Board Session, “How to Learn Anything! For Creatives & Self Learners” from consultant Chris Do, founder of The Futur Academy. The video outlines a few strategies you can take to help push yourself to learn something new! 

Tip #3

Take Action!

Why wait? Start your exploration NOW. Take action to pivot, evolve, or just try something new. The only person stopping your success is yourself.

Below are some images I shot throughout the years that I feel like represent the direction I would like to take my work. Clean, Concise, and Consistent. 

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