Benefits of a Brand Photographer

There are many ways to increase brand awareness. You can employ a variety of strategies to entice current, potential, and future customers to stay loyal to your cause. At the root of effective marketing, and ultimately brand awareness, is the ability to convey honesty, trust, and community through the story your brand is trying to tell. 

Photography is a strategic marketing tool that can amplify your brand building efforts. The scope of possibilities ranges depending on the size of the company and intention. A savvy brand photographer can even scale services to influencers and soloprenuers who might have smaller budgets but still can benefit from targeted marketing strategies. 

Brand Building

Hiring a brand photographer provides an excellent opportunity to build a cohesive story - a story that invites people to understand the purpose and intentions of YOUR company or goals. Working closely with a photographer can help develop the foundation and direction you would like your brand to take. Photos are versatile and flexible in usage. You can use tools like a shot list to build out a crossfunctional asset library  for emails, social media, product/lookbook, and visual graphics. You can define and refine branding by employing brand colors, logos, and slogans into photos as well. 

 Starbucks, for example, social media platforms feature graphic images saturated with brand-specific imagery coupled with colors, fonts, and elements that unify the company’s brand image across all platforms.


Working with a brand photographer develops a level of clarity, honesty, and trust. 

The beauty comes in the ability to communicate directly. There is no room for misunderstanding because you can spend time developing ideas tailor made for your brand needs. 

You also get a chance to create high quality imagery from scratch; unique and personal with the intention of building a community around YOUR brand. 


 Another immediate benefit is that you are working with a professional who can provide the tools, insight, and experience to help achieve your brand vision. 

The experience they provide can be the difference in how your customers view your brand. Anyone can take photos, but do they possess the knowledge to create depth, or color grade for maximum visual impact? Consider the level of quality you want your brand to radiate and find artists who fit the bill. 

Customers respond to quality product imagery. Trusting a brand photographer to create visuals that are consistent with your brands imagery can help influence customer behavior and potentially establish a positive association for the customer moving forward. 

Final Thoughts

As I stated earlier, a brand photographer can be a multipurpose tool in any company’s arsenal. Even for influencers, working with a brand photographer can help make the difference in how the public views you. Quality imagery coupled with strategic placement can leverage you as an authority in your niche. 

The value in building a working relationship with a photographer stems in the ability to create, define, and build any type of image or story you want your customers to experience. At the end of the day, no one can support your cause or buy your product if they never get the chance to see it. 

How to plan and execute Test Shoots.


What is a test shoot?

Test Shoots are photoshoots planned in conjunction with modeling Agencies. The idea of a test shoot is to help provide new visual work for aspiring models or models who may already have a book but need updated work. 

Its really a win-win situation on both ends though. For the longest time I overlooked the mutual benefits of test shoots. As a photographer it’s the ideal opportunity to test out any new concepts, lighting set ups, or even just a way to stay consistent with your craft between gigs. It’s also a great way to network and build a reputation. 

Initial steps:

1. Create concepts. Find inspiration and develop a concept you want to try shooting. It can be simple or complex - you have room to experiment here. Behance is a great place to find high quality full feature photoshoots for inspiration. I also use an app called Milanote  to help keep my thoughts organized. Here’s a link to my own page for test shoots I have done. 

2. Make a list of modeling agencies that you would love to work with, or stand out to you. Instagram is a great way to see the type of photos they use for models. 

3. I recommend starting with smaller agencies just to get the hang of the process.  Brush up on your email etiquette before sending out anything. I email agencies with concepts, locations, stylists and make up artists involved so we are all on the same page. (Stylists and make up artists are not a necessity but they are invaluable tools in helping to create more complex concepts.)  

These initial steps are critical for success and are about 60% of the work. 

The actual photoshoot day should be streamlined with a shot list so you have a outline of what and how many photos you know you need. 

Keep things simple and fun. Test shoots should not feel overwhelming. 

Like I mentioned before, it’s the best opportunity to test ideas and set ups. Use this to your advantage. 

The possibilities are endless when you consider all the outlets you can tap into here. 

Here are some photos from a recent test shoot I did! 

I wanted to try a floral arrangement so I bought some fake flowers and found ways to incorporate it into my photos below. I also threw in some other images that the model wanted for herself as well.

3 Tips to Starting Your Own Creative Career

“Fear stunts growth”

I told myself this mantra for years. 

Pursuing any new path in life undoubtedly comes with a level of fear.

A little About Me

I started my own creative journey about 4 years ago to date. I was always intrigued with photography but wasn’t sure how I would branch off into it. 

One day a dear friend of mine gave me the push I needed to purchase my first camera! I had ZERO skills or knowledge of the craft from both a technical and creative standpoint; to some degree I still really don’t. 

However, lack of skills or resources should not hold you back from pursuing whatever field you plan to venture into, creative work or not. 

The greatest mistake you will ever make in life is not betting on yourself.

Tip #1

Decide on your creative career path.

There are a plethora of options available that you can explore as a hobby or a full on career. released this article titled ”12 Interesting Careers for Creative People |” about different creative careers you can pursue. 

Tip #2

Be open to learning new things

If you need a push, here’s a link to a White Board Session, “How to Learn Anything! For Creatives & Self Learners” from consultant Chris Do, founder of The Futur Academy. The video outlines a few strategies you can take to help push yourself to learn something new! 

Tip #3

Take Action!

Why wait? Start your exploration NOW. Take action to pivot, evolve, or just try something new. The only person stopping your success is yourself.

Below are some images I shot throughout the years that I feel like represent the direction I would like to take my work. Clean, Concise, and Consistent. 

Using Format